This Week in Hong Kong

                                                        Asleep on the Sofa  ~Karen Tong

This Week in Canada

                                           Rosemary from garage garden ~Veronica Adrienne

This Week in China

                                      Have passport, have traveled.  Where next?  ~Eugene Abad

                                         Chinese New Year Celebration ~Gabriella Van Leuven

This Week in Australia

                                             Graffiti in downtown Melbourne ~Liz Reaney

This Week in the United States

                                                          Green Lantern Cake ~ John Joven

                                            Memphis Blues at Roadhouse 66  ~ Andi Andreas

                                              Swing Dancing at the Main Event  ~Emily Jackson

                                              Eugene Festival Slug Queen  ~Lee Enry Erickson

                                         Glacier Point Rd., Yosemite National Park ~ Gina Radieve

                                                Sutro Tower, San Francisco  ~Matt McLean

                                         Keep out of my hood, Washington D.C. ~ Clair Sullivan

                                                                          ~Amy Marseglia

Gracie Lou, I Love You!   ~Jessica Mike


This Week in China

Rollerblade Lessons in Dongguan City ~ Eugene Abad

Shadows and Violins, Beijing ~ Gabriella Van Leuven

This Week in Australia

National Palais Theatre in Melbourne ~ Liz Reaney

This Week in Hong Kong

Lindy Hopping Lions at Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong ~ Karen Tong

This Week in Ireland

Forty Foot in Ireland ~ Tim Burns

This Week in Japan

Sunrise Light at Hokkaido University in Sapporo ~ Nana Fukuda

This Week in Scotland

Scottish Ceilidh Dance in Edinburgh ~ Nicholas Leeson

This Week in South Korea

Seoul Cityscape ~ Zeff Maximus


"Bunny Ate Apple" Muffin in Seoul ~ Melanie Ehler

This Week in the United States

18th Green and Fairway of the Glen Club in Glenview, IL ~ John Joven

Snowy Cat in Sterling Heights, MI ~ Jessica Mike

Rent-a-Bike in Washington, DC ~ Clair Sullivan

Sunday Morning Sunlight in Columbus, OH ~ Kat Barnes

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA ~ Matt McLean

Betty's on Short North for Late Dinner & Beer, Columbus, OH ~ Andi Andreas

Sparkling Snowflakes in Tinley Park, IL ~ Emily Jackson

White Winter in Ann Arbor, MI ~ Andrea Yun

Boston's Morning Stretch in Grand Rapids, MI ~ Amy Marseglia

Hecita Head Lighthouse in Florence, OR ~ Lee Enry Erickson


This Week in Australia

Costume Ball on New Year's Eve in Melbourne, Australia ~ Liz Reaney

This Week in France

The Church of St. Trophime in Arles, France ~ Dawn Xiana Moon

This Week in South Korea

Tiger Bunny in Hongdae, Seoul ~ Melanie Ehler

Outside Lotte Dept. Store in Seoul ~ Zeff Maximus
Mt. Gumo Festival in Gumi, Korea ~ Tamara Grayson


This Week in the United States

Celebrating the New Year in Columbus, OH, USA ~ Kat Barnes
End of the Dance in Pittsburgh, PA, USA ~ Katherine Bow

Olivia at Columbus, OH ~ Andi Andreas

Grace at Bedtime in Indianapolis, IN ~ Amy Luker Beem

Bench at Willamette River Trail in Eugene, OR, USA ~ Lee Enry Erickson
Jiggling Jacob for Laughter at Sterling Heights, MI ~ Jessica Mike

Dog Driver in Grand Rapids, MI ~ Amy Marseglia

Baby Sophie at 3 Weeks in Washington, DC ~ C.J. Sullivan


Something Wonderful Issues an Invitation

"Something Wonderful Every Week" is a weekly photo journal for the year 2011. We invite our friends, fellow travelers, and photographers to submit 1 photo to this blog every week by Sunday at noon. Photos will then be grouped according to location and published on our website by Monday or Tuesday of the following week. We ask that if you join this blog community, you consistently submit 1 photo EVERY WEEK for the year 2011.

Any photo can be "wonderful" -- a photo of you, your friends, your cat, a good meal , a famous landscape, or something close to home. Even if it seems ordinary to you, someone across the world might see it and be amazed. Your everyday life, whether or not you know it, is wonderful.

You, the photographer, retain the copyright of any photo you take.

Please submit 1 photo by Sunday at noon, EVERY WEEK, to our e-mail address:

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