Something Wonderful Issues an Invitation

"Something Wonderful Every Week" is a weekly photo journal for the year 2011. We invite our friends, fellow travelers, and photographers to submit 1 photo to this blog every week by Sunday at noon. Photos will then be grouped according to location and published on our website by Monday or Tuesday of the following week. We ask that if you join this blog community, you consistently submit 1 photo EVERY WEEK for the year 2011.

Any photo can be "wonderful" -- a photo of you, your friends, your cat, a good meal , a famous landscape, or something close to home. Even if it seems ordinary to you, someone across the world might see it and be amazed. Your everyday life, whether or not you know it, is wonderful.

You, the photographer, retain the copyright of any photo you take.

Please submit 1 photo by Sunday at noon, EVERY WEEK, to our e-mail address:

The e-mail should include your name, city, country, and a brief description of the item/people in the photo, as well as an attachment with the photo (JPEG preferred).

Brought to you by the author of: http://odysseusdrifts.blogspot.com/.