Something Wonderful in the United States

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC ~ Clair Sullivan

Something Wonderful alright . . . and priceless . . . in Eugene, OR ~ Lee Enry Erickson
Grampa Sco with an Old Ally in Costa Mesa, CA ~ Gina Radieve
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA ~ Matt McLean

                                       Mommy's homemade carrot puree...yummy!  ~Jessica Mike



This Week in Australia

St. Patrick's Day 2011!!   ~ Liz Reaney

This Week in South Korea

Miracle Sea Road at Jin-do, Korea   ~ Melanie Ehler
Mew the Hamster, in Seoul  ~ Katie Hart

This Week in China

"Yes, we have them in China too. " Chang An ~ Eugene Abad
The Closer  in Beijing ~ Gabriella Van Leuven

This Week in the United States

Triple Birthday Party  ~ Amy Beem
"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." Eugene, OR ~ Lee Enry Erickson

Almonds in Merced, CA  ~ Gina Radieve
Springtime Cookies in Tinley Park, Illinois   ~ Emily Jackson
Sign by my house in Washington D.C. ~ Clair Sullivan

Mommy and baby walk to the park in Sterling Heights, MI  ~ Jessica Mike


Something Wonderful in China

Tower Guard in Beijing, China ~ Gabriella Van Leuven

Something Wonderful in Scotland

Piper on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh ~ Nicholas Leeson

Something Wonderful in South Korea

Seoul National University Hospital ~ Melanie Ehler

Something Wonderful in the United States

Flowers from a Friend in Eugene, OR ~ Lee Enry Erickson

Washington Park from an NYU campus building ~ Shoshi Krieger (submitted by John Joven)

Keg in Grand Rapids, MI ~ Amy Marseglia
Snowbuds in MI ~ Jessica Mike

Emily Jackson

Metal Tree at National Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC ~ Clair Sullivan


Something Wonderful in the United States

Learning to Sit, MI ~ Jessica Mike
Urbanski and Lula atLake Alpine in Alpine County, CA ~ Gina Radieve

Amy in Her Snow Fort, Fort Wayne, IN ~ Amy Beem

Walkabout in Eugene, OR ~ Lee Enry Erickson

Cafe at the National Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC ~ Clair Sullivan
Small Spider at St. Clement Vineyards, Napa Valley, CA ~ Matt McLean

Fennville Blackhawks in Memory of Wesley Leonard, Grand Rapids, MI ~ Amy Marseglia

Something Wonderful in Australia

Futures in Brisbane, Queensland ~ Liz Reaney

Something Wonderful in China

Amazingly Practical Use for Bamboo in Chang An ~ Eugene Abad

Something Wonderful in Hong Kong

Night Time Noodles in Hong Kong ~ Karen Tong

Something Wonderful in Indonesia

Rafting in Bali, Indonesia ~ Katie Hart

Something Wonderful in Scotland

Salisbury Crags and Arthur's Seat at the edge of Edinburgh ~ Nicholas S. Leeson